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Candy Jar - The Guilty Ones by Mary Ellen Anderson

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Style: Candy Jar

Steal a snacks and treats from this custom candy jar from the art of Mary Ellen Anderson; The Guilty Ones. Made of bright white porcelain, this candy jar has a brilliant luster that makes the art and designs look amazing. Dishwasher and microwave approved, your hard candy will be safe and secure in a custom candy jar from Zazzle.

  • 10oz. Cork lid included.
  • Dimensions: 4" h with cork lid (3 5/8" h without cork lid), 3" jar diameter, 2 1/4" cork diameter.
  • 100% bright white porcelain.
  • Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.
  • Imported. Printed in the USA.

About the Design

Candy Jar-The Guilty Ones by Mary Ellen Anderson 
  • Item #: candy_jar2
  • Manufacturer: MEA Fine Art
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: candy_jar2
  • Condition: New

Candy Jar - Guilty Ones

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