Original Oil Painting "Harvest Fruit", by Doreta Boyd
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Harvest Fruit is a light infused still life by Doreta Y. Boyd. A medley of harvest table offerings are splashed in bold colors on a canvas of wood and bathed in warm light. Vintage flour canister and a butter bin complete with scoop provide a charming theme and interest. This image would look great in kitchen and dining areas, or a signature piece for a restaurant, bakery, or the chef in your life. Warm but fresh nostalgic mood.


Doreta Y. Boyd is a master painter especially known for her still life and floral paintings. Her work is infused with light and details as only a master eye achieves. Painting in the traditional discipline, her work is inspired by her own spiritual harmony and grace. Doreta resides in Lawrence, Kansas where she has had a long career as an artist, art dealer, curator, and art instructor.

  • Availability: Sold - Private Collection
  • Style: Original
  • Medium: Oil on Wood
  • Image Size: 10" x 18"
  • Item #: db3
  • Manufacturer: Doreta Boyd
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: db3
  • Condition: New

Original - Harvest Fruit

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