Original Watercolor Painting "Quantrill's Flee Market", by Mary Ellen Anderson
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Watercolor of historical Lawrence, Kansas. Quantrill's Flea Market was located in the 800 block of New Hampshire Street in Lawrence, Ks. William Quantrill was a Confederate guerrilla leader during the American Civil War. He and his "Raiders" were responsible for sacking the town in 1863 burning over a quarter of the town and killing at least 150 men and boys. You would often find memorabilia from Lawrence's rich history tucked away in every corner of this flea market. I've used warm washes and concentrated details to bring age and history into the building. Recent rain freshen bold colors and cast of light brighten and welcomes you. 

  • Availability: MEA Fine Art
  • Style: Original
  • Medium: Watercolor
  • Image Size: 15" x 20"
  • Item #: 17
  • Manufacturer: Mary Ellen Anderson
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 17
  • Condition: New

Original - Quantrill's Flee Market - Lawrence Kansas

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