Oil painting "Vintage Mother and Son", by Mary Ellen Anderson
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Original Oil Painting "Vintage Mother and Son", by Mary Ellen Anderson.

The intimate and protective relationship between mothers and their sons, is examined in this piece by Mary Ellen Anderson. A study of pose and fabrics. The richness and elegance of the Victorian era are depicted in this charming painting of a boy and his mother. Vintage styles of dress and ancient stone create a bygone day.

A young boy peers intently over the shoulder of his seated mother at some unseen point of interest. Light streams over cascading folds of satin and velvet fabrics. The soft blue colors of the boy's jacket shelter within the rich brown stone of the pillars. The crisp gold satin and delicate lace of the mother's dress seems at odds with the relaxed pose and her enigmatic expression. The starkness of the stone in the background is an intentional contrast giving strength and protection to the composition. A captured moment of informal closeness between a mother and her son.

This is a quaint painting that looks great in family or working areas of your home or office. The warm browns, gold, and blues will harmonize in almost any decor. This image is also a favorite card for Mother's Day and Easter.  

  • Availability: MEA Fine Art
  • Style: Original
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Image Size: 9" x 9"
  • Item #: 7
  • Manufacturer: Mary Ellen Anderson
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 7
  • Condition: New

Original - Vintage Mother and Son

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